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I was a consultant psychiatrist  for over twenty years until the mid-1990s (took early retirement) and for many years chaired the National Standing Committee on Race and Culture at the Mental Health Act Commission. My work  now involves teaching, lecturing, writing and advising on mental health practice and service provision; and still trying hard to devise practical ways of dismantling racism in the MH system. For list of appointments (click to see).

A recent single-author book (2017), Institutional Racim in Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology --- back-stories of real events set against historical / political background ---explores & explains what 'institutional racism' in the mental health system really means, and how it impacts on experience of black and other racialised people caught up in the system.  If you want to read /own this book (or any other) but find it too expesive to buy, email me with a request -- I can help!    

 I was  (click here for publications), involved in capacity building work in Sri Lanka (click here for more..) and in researching MH deveopment in Third World. click here for a paper written in 2005 and here for another (2009).

I welcome comment on my work (via 'contact us') but please do NOT request clinical consulations or medico-legal reports as I do not undertake such work any more.

See Videos Page for talks given and films of interest including MASTER CLASSES on a course on Mental Health, Race and Culture at London Metropolitan University in 2011 (PPTs below)

Class 1: Tradition of Mental Health and illness; what diversity means

Class 2:  Critical Psychiatry and Psychology: Transcultural Psychiatry, Cultural Psychiatry, Anti-racist Psychiatry

Class 3: Mental Health around the Globe: Different approaches to developing mental health in communities and individuals

Class 5: Class 5 Movement to reform psychiatry in UK: How to make effective changes

 Inquiry into 'Schizophrenia' (ISL) (CLICK) is now complete  - CLICK HERE to see Preliminary Findings

 CLICK HERE for article on Global Mental Health.

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 Who am I ?

I used to be a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS and then at the European Cetnre for Migration & Social Care at University of Kent. Now, my main (honorary) attachment is: Emeritus Professor in Social Sciences at   London Metropolitan University. More...

A book that addresses 'global mental health  is:

Mental health, worldwide; culture, globalization and development

Click here to see details

Click here for a list of recent publications

I have some chapters in a new book (festchrift) edited by Roy Moodley and Martha Ocampo (of Toronto)

Critical Psychiatry and Mental Health 2014

click here for details

My first book (1988)  now considered a seminal publication has been re-issued as a classic Click here

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Institutional racism in psychiatry & Clinical Psychology

Global Psychologies; Mental Health in the Global South

Click here for Sri Lanka.

Cultural Diversity, Mental Health and Psychiatry: The Struggle Against Racism (2003)

Cultural diversity, mental health and psychiatry: The struggle against racism

Mental Health in a Multi-ethnic Society: A Multi-disciplinary Handbook (2009)

(click to see)
New edition now avaliable

Classic text completely re-written as third edition  2010:

link to Mental Health Race And Culture book on Amazon



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